Is this the hottest summer EV-AH? It certainly feels like it! Don’t disagree with me. You know I’m right. It’s flippin’ hot outside.

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but where I am, you could bake a cake just by setting it out on the front porch. Seriously. I mean, frying an egg is so old-school. In this kind of heat, you need to make baked goods.


And, because it’s so hot, we’re all super sweaty – don’t even try to tell me that’s just me. it’s you, too. – which means we’re sweating out precious fluids and electrolytes. Yes, sweat is good because it’s our body’s way of cooling us off but still, you gotta replace what your body is kicking out. And that means drinking plenty of good old H2O.

Yeah, yeah,  I know. Plain old water is booorrriiiinnggg……and you’d much rather run it through coffee grounds or use it to steep tea or mix a powdered flavor pouch into it (um, hello unnecessary sugar calories!). BUT, hear me out. Water doesn’t have to be dull.

Disclosure: I love water. Plain old water. When I want to “spice” up my water, I add a lemon wedge. Woo! Watch out. Goin’ crazy over here!


So, what should you do to beat the boring water blues? Infuse it with flavor!

picked up this bad boy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this past weekend!

I’ve heard of infused water and have been intrigued and I’ve even had cucumber water at my hair salon (and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and even a mimosa! they’re fancy like that.) but I’ve never thought about making my own. I don’t know why. Laziness, probably. Besides, my fridge gives me filtered water so I just fill up my bottle, I don’t think about filling up a pitcher. And then, out of the blue, I got an email from the folks at with a link to their article about staying hydrated with infused water.

And so, I was inspired and I went out and bought that awesome pitcher – which, by the way, can also make freshly brewed tea (it has one of those tea infuser thingies. obviously I’m super smart about tea.) and it has a freezer thingy that you can attach and will help keep your drink cold if your pitcher is sitting outside!

(side note: if you can’t tell from my fancy language, I’m only a little smart about that pitcher and infusing water. I’m not trying to sell it nor have I been asked to. I seriously just grabbed it at BB&B.)

Anyhoooo, infused water. I need RECIPES! I’m totally clueless, besides slicing a lemon and tossing it in there or maybe slicing some cucumber and using that instead, about infused water. Luckily, that awesome article suggests different flavor combinations!


First up, strawberry cucumber lime water! With cucumbers FRESH FROM MY GARDEN!!! *mic drop*

The recipe actually suggests muddling (mushing the fruit so the juices come out. you don’t have to be an alcoholic to know that word.) the fruit a little which, in this pitcher, is admittedly a little difficult but I did my best. Be glad you didn’t see it. I’m sure I looked ridiculous. The result, though?


Next one we’re trying? Strawberry lemon basil! And the possibilities are endless!

And the benefits are VAST. I mean, seriously, you’re getting fresh, real fruit/veggie flavored water rather than sugar-packed or fake sugar sweetened water. And citrus fruits happen offer a host of benefits but are often difficult to consume on their own. Unless you’re like me and can eat a lemon. And be happy about it! Anyway, with infused water, you can add sweeter fruit to the sour of a citrus fruit  and get the benefits without the pucker.

My mom drinks water with lemon squeezed in every morning and that helps her with her allergies and daily cough. No kidding. She’s not always thrilled about it but she still does it because it helps. And it’s more lemon than water. I’m totally buying her an infuser pitcher so she doesn’t have to suffer every morning. (Haha!)

I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of water – hydration, clearer skin, better circulation, calorie control (oftentimes, that tummy rumble you feel/hear can be resolved with a glass of water and a 30 minute pause), and improved digestion. Also, if you’re thinking about quitting smoking, upping your water consumption can help with that, too. TRUST ME. I quit in 2004. #beentheredonethat

I mean, seriously, DRINK WATER. So many benefits! Now with flavored, delicious, and healthy options!

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  • Water – yum! or why does this not taste like coffee?
  • Lemon or lime?
  • Are mimosas your favorite?



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