So, you did have Columbus Day off?  We did and we totally enjoyed our three day weekend! Well, except for that whole Hurricane Matthew thing.

hurricane gif

Boy, we really got smacked a lot harder than we expected. I mean, I KNEW we were going to get rain but I thought the main storm was never even going to even make it into Virginia. Pretty sure the news said it was going to turn hard right at North/South Carolina and turn back around and hit Florida and Georgia again. (Hope ya’ll are okay!!!) But, oh no. It certainly didn’t do that. It basically got to us and hung around … alllllllll day Saturday and Saturday night.

That didn’t stop us from having date night, though!

date night

(In all seriousness, we probably should have stayed home. But, again, we didn’t expect to get as much of the storm as we did and we had reservations! And tickets! And I got to dress up and wear heels!!!)

Of course, we were a whole lot less festive when we got home.


Rain should really only happen OUTSIDE the house, right? 🙁

(And no, I don’t know why that video is so big. Maybe for effect? Because water intrusion needs to be shown on a grand scale? UGH!!!)

I don’t even know if the roof has an actual leak. It’s rained PLENTY without a getting single drip inside the house. I think it might have been the whole rain PLUS serious wind thing that did us in. Bah. How do you fix that?! Dear Mother Nature, no more hurricanes in my neighborhood, please, thankyouverymuch. Anyhoooo, gotta call a contractor and see how much the $$$ will fix the damage. Anybody have any $$$ to spare?

So, hurricane and leaky roof aside, we managed to have a decent day on Sunday. Laundry and clean up (yay. all the yay.), football (HTTR!), followed by homemade deconstructed chicken pot pie (yeah. that story is for another day. smh.) and these amazeball caramel apple parfaits! (YAY!)

caramel apple parfait

We managed to get out on Monday for a “day date.” BBQ and antiquing! Yes, we are 80 years old.

bbq joint
How cute is that little pig?!:!

Thankfully, the weather was really nice!

…that cucumber salad tho……

We went antiquing at this place that had 13 buildings full of stuff. 13!!!!

hanging chairs
ALL the hanging chairs

There was definitely some interesting stuff. Some of it was reallllly dusty. And old. And strange. #antiques

However, I found the MOST interesting thing outside.

barn cat

Apparently this cat is 16 years old. This cat could seriously kick my ass. Pretty sure she successfully hunts alligators. During a hurricane. #justsaying

So, how was your weekend? Was it eventful or quiet? What did you do?!



  • Where’s/What’s your favorite BBQ joint?
  • Do you like antiquing?
  • When was the last time you had tickets? What was it for?


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