Happy Thursday!! I hope the week has been going well and, if you were affected by Matthew, you’re drying out and flood waters are receding and life is starting to resemble some sort of normal. There are approximately 598 tree branches and 510,679 pecans in my back yard that need picking up. The dogs keep dodging the branches and stepping on the pecans. It’s dangerous out there.

But, enough randomness.

Oh no, wait. Here’s more.

1. You guys. This stuff is dangerous. 7 servings per bag? I think not. 1 bag per person sounds more appropriate to me.

kettle corn

2. So, we’ve lived here for almost 3 years and I JUST set foot in our local library. It’d been so long that I actually felt a little out of place. That’s so weird to me because I used to LOVE the library. Used to go every week when the Things were younger. We used to check out STACKS of books. Stacks upon STACKS. Big enough stacks that the library ladies would look at us skeptically, as if they were thinking, “Um, really, you’re going to read all 1548 of those books in a 3 week period?” Yes. Yes, we are.

Anyway, I went back. And I started small. We’ll see how it goes.


What are you reading right now? Any suggestions?

3. So, we went antiquing on Monday, right? Found this tucked away in one of the barns.

cookie jug

I seriously thought it was one of those old school liquor jugs with the words “cookie jug” painted on and I wondered how it could be effective at holding cookies? I mean, the little spout is so small! Is it just for mini cookies? Or maybe it’s a way of hiding your liquor out in the open?

And then I reached for it to get a closer look. And that dark brown part is actually a lid…to the cookie jar. face:palm *sigh*

4. If you had a fancy pants car, would you only go fancy places in it? Or maybe save it for a beautiful Sunday drive? Or a car show or something like that?

Or would you take it to go grocery shopping at the Kroger? And park ALL THE WAY AT THE END OF THE PARKING LOT?


Maybe his other car was in the shop??

5. Apparently, the fact that I cook dinner for my dogs is strange. I don’t think it’s strange but whenever I mention it, I get looks from people. Usually it’s astonishment or amazement or incredulity but sometimes, I get that look that tells me that person thinks I’m batshit crazy. What? I cook for my family. Why should my dogs miss out? And this way, at least I know what they’re eating!

dog dinner

This particular recipe is 2 pounds of ground turkey, 1 can organic butternut squash puree, peas and carrots (frozen), and cooked brown rice. I separate into mason jars and store in the fridge. It’s usually some combination of ground turkey and/or chicken, with maybe pumpkin, sweet potato, or butternut squash, lots of veggies (shredded zucchini or carrot), chopped carrots, green beans, broccoli, etc, and sometimes I throw in some kidney beans, and either brown rice or oatmeal. It’s not hard to do and my dogs love it.

I can’t be the only one that does that, right?

6. The cats, on the other hand, were NOT into my homemade food. I even bought them some sardines and they said NOTHANKYOU! Still working on them. My cats are weird.

7. I’m pretty stoked I used the word “incredulity” up there. #nerdalert

8. My grandson is walking!!

9. Did you know that it’s the United States Navy’s birthday today?

Navy birthday


Happy birthday to all the Sailors out there!

And if today’s your birthday too, I sure do hope it’s a happy one!

10. That’s all I got. For now. Stay tuned and have a fantastic day!

As always, thanks Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud!

Thinking Out Loud

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