Let’s cut the small talk and get down to business, shall we?

Thinking Out Loud

1. So, last week I was talking about fate and things happening for a reason and this week, I’m thinking fate has a sick sense of humor. Or coincidence is just a big Bee-YOTCH. You see, the transmission went out on our truck. At the WORST. POSSIBLE. TIME. Not that I think there’s a BEST possible time for that to happen but seriously, I’m not working and we’ve got lots of other stuff going on. And, $2500 is NOT money that we had counted on tossing into a vehicle. UGH!

2. I think I’ve eaten my weight in ice cream over the past week. That’s not a bad thing, right? And, not a single picture to show for it. Unless you’ve seen my instagram stories. And then you know.

2. Had an MRI on my left knee last week. FINALLY. It only took 3 months for me to get inside that machine. And the result is a torn meniscus. 🙁 I have absolutely no idea when the actual tear happened because it’s been so long – there are so many possibilities. So, yesterday, I had my appointment in orthopedics to learn my prognosis, etc, and THAT doc told me there was no tear. Ummm…..well…..there’s definitely SOMETHING wrong with my knee. There’s swelling (yes, still!), there was a little bit of bruising, and, if I kneel on the floor, I can’t sit all the way back. My left knee says no.

Oh, and there was this….


I don’t just hop around on crutches for the fun of it, ya know?

Well, I messaged my doctor yesterday and told her what the ortho said and she said she thought a second opinion was warranted. Especially since I’m still having issues with my knee. So now, I’m waiting on that referral to go through. I really hope that I don’t have a tear but I’ve had issues with the place where the ortho is and I don’t trust them, nor do I feel like I’ve received good quality of care.

Forrest Gump


3. Thing 2 brought me these yesterday. Have you ever tried them?! I think I’m in love!

TOL Moon Cheese

They’re so weird and yet delicious! And crunchy!!!

4. Oh, and did I mention our heater won’t kick on? *sigh*

money pit


5. Went outside the other morning and found this guy trying to break in.

TOL spider

Now THAT’S an uninvited guest! ‘Bout darn near gave me a heart attack! I have ZERO clue what kind of spider that is but SCARY pretty accurately describes it. I whacked at it with a broom a few times and made it go away. And then I ran inside and locked all the doors and windows and paced, waiting for him (or her) to go gather an army of friends and come back and get me. #panicattack #truestory

6. And, just so I don’t end it on a scary spider……

Watched it the first night it was aired and just about peed myself. I go back and watch it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. HA-larious!

Welp, that’s all I got. Thanks, Amanda, for letting me Think Out Loud.


  • Halloween is right around the corner. Are you dressing up?
  • Do you have a money tree I could come harvest from?
  • What’s your favorite color? (random, I know. But, I’m curious! Mine’s purple.)


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