Hey there! So, first things first….(I’m the realest)… (you know you sang that line, too)…. 😉 but seriously, MY INSURANCE APPROVED THE REFERRAL FOR ME TO SEE MY PREFERRED (civilian) DOCTOR FOR MY KNEE SURGERY!!!!

My week of workouts

We’ll officially pin down the date next week at my appointment but right now, I’m looking at mid-February. I know most normal people wouldn’t look forward to surgery and crutches for 6-8 weeks but I am definitely not normal (HA!) and am SO ready to get my knee fixed and move forward!! The hardest part is going to be not really being able to work out. I’m sure I’ll figure something out, though. My upper body’s gonna be BUFF by the time I can start using my knee again. haha

Anyway, I may be limited by my torn meniscus but I’m not dead so….you KNOW I gotta get a workout in. I can go a little stir-crazy if I don’t. I mean, my fitness is an important part of my life and I am just not the same without it. I feel so much better after a workout, both physically and mentally. Don’t you? Are you pushing yourself? Are you working on improving both your physical and mental state? Are you like me and are less murderous after a workout? haha

I do try to be careful and I try to follow doctor’s orders as closely as possible. Although, I must admit, I might color outside of the lines a little (with regards to the doctor’s orders. if I’m actually coloring, I’m so OCD that I will absolutely DIE if I go outside the lines). I’ve kinda always been an envelope pusher when it comes to fitness. I like to test my limits…. and that may actually be why I’m injured but, if I don’t push it, how will I know what I can do?! Don’t you do that too? I mean, really – if you don’t push it, how will you ever improve or increase weight? Still though, I really AM trying to be cautious with my knee so stop yer frettin’.

Anyways, here’s a snapshot of my week of workouts. 🙂


Got a lovely walk in. Didn’t wear my Garmin because it needed to be charged and I was too lazy to put it on the charger the night before. Oh well. But I do know my route and it was a little more than 5 miles.


My week of workouts

So, when I found out that my meniscus had completely torn, I knew running was out of the question. I asked the doc if I could walk and he said sure. So, I walk. I may be a little liberal with my distances but … hey, he said I could walk!!

Then, I went to work and did the WOD:

A. Power snatch 3-2-2-1-1: Work up to a heavy power snatch for the day.

B. “Gridlock”

30 wallballs (14#)
20 power snatch (55#)
10 burpee pull-ups

So, I got up to 70# with the power snatch. I stayed low because it’s been a minute since I’ve done snatches and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do too much because I don’t want to put that much weight over my head. As for the wall balls, proper form is a full squat but I didn’t do that (no squatting allowed) – I did maybe a 1/4 squat? I don’t know. It was mostly an upper body workout. When it comes to the burpees, I step back – canNOT even jump back at all – and go slow. I got through 2 rounds + 30 wall balls.


Hero WOD


My week of workouts


1 deadlift (I did 155#)
10 toes to bar
15 barbell-facing burpees

I was more focused on the work rather than counting the rounds (since I know I’m broken and I don’t want to overwork my knee) but I think I got 6 complete rounds.


My week of workouts

My hamstrings were so sore and tight from the past two days! I knew I needed a good walk to stretch everything out. I waffled about doing the WOD (mmmmm, waffles…..) and ended up doing it. #noregrets

“Tri Sprint Intervals 3.0” (I did 2.0 the week before and OOF!)
5 rounds:
20 calorie row
20 burpees
As many calories as possible on assault bike in remaining time
Rest 4 minutes

So, basically, there are 5 rounds, each lasting 4 minutes, and then 4 minutes of rest between rounds. Where I do the burpees, uninjured folk do shuttle sprints. The goal is to be hitting the same number of calories on the bike in the last round as you did in the first round. I was 1 calorie off in rounds 4 and 5.



Sort of. I spent 6 hours driving in a car. That’s more exhausting than all of that work!! Worth it, though. Got to celebrate the accomplishments of a few of my friends. 🙂


I didn’t have to work but I still went in for the WOD. 🙂

“Big Clean Complex”
Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds:
1 high hang power clean + hang power clean + full power clean (from the floor) + push press
1 high hang power clean + hang power clean + full power clean + push jerk
1 high hang power clean + hang power clean + full power clean + push jerk (standard was split jerk but I can’t do those with my bum knee)
Also, standard was actually squat clean but…well….no squatting allowed
Supposed to increase weight every round. I started with 55# and got up to 75#

WOD Cashout:
Row Intervals
10 rounds for total calories:
30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
I totalled 76 calories (8 each in rounds 1-6, 7 each in rounds 7-10)

Plus, I worked on my handstand holds a little….

My week of workouts

I don’t do them often enough. I definitely need work on locking out my elbows!


My week of workouts

So, my walking total for the week was somewhere between 19-20 miles and I got 4 WODs done. I’ll tell you what, working in a gym definitely has its perks because there’s no way I would have gotten that many WODs done in my garage. It’s just so much more fun to sweat with other people!

I’ll be honest though. I may have pushed it a little with Monday’s workout. Monday night was actually a little rough for me. My knee was really sore and kept me up a lot of the night. I just could NOT get comfortable. And yes, I probably should have rested on Tuesday but I didn’t. (again, limit tester, remember?) I was just a whole lot more careful and cautious with the workouts. And, I ended up feeling better after some stretching and rolling out.

I hope you were able to get some good workouts in this past week. If not, it’s cool. There’s always next week! Just focus forward, not on what’s behind you because you can’t change that, and do your best and forget the rest. THAT’S what’s important. 🙂

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