Hey guys! So, I had totally planned on sharing a newly created brownie recipe with you today but these didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned……

Brownie Recipe round up

…..And while they are decent, they’re not perfect. I’m still eating them though. No brownie goes to waste in my presence. #noshame  The thing is, they are actually pretty amazing slathered with nut butter. So, it’s like a healthy snack! Because, not to give it all away just yet, I made the brownies with healthy stuff like avocado so … ta-da, healthy snack! *wink wink*

Anyway, it’s coming up on that time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to chocolate. Unless you’re me. Because EVERY. DAMN. DAY. is the time of year to think about chocolate. I mean seriously, I don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind me that chocolate is delicious love. I also don’t need, or want, a big ole box of chocolates. If they’re not labeled, I ALWAYS end up picking the coconut one first and that just ruins everything for me.

If you like coconut-filled chocolates, more power to you. You can pick first!

What I’d really like for Valentine’s Day (which, honestly, I don’t care about. it’s basically just a commercial holiday. my anniversary is the 5th and THAT’S the celebration of love I much prefer to honor!) is a nice bottle of wine and a home-baked chocolate dessert. Or maybe just the wine. Yeah. I’ll drink it while I bake the chocolate dessert. #multitasking

Anyway, if Valentine’s Day is your thing and you plan on going all out for your sweetie, you should still skip the box of chocolates (unless, that seriously is the way to your lover’s heart and then you should go big or go home) and go the homemade dessert route. Brownie points (mmm….brownies!!!) for homemade chocolate-y deliciousness plus, it’s so much more intimate and romantic to share food made with love. <3

So, what should you make, you ask? Well, you lucky devil, I just happen to have some suggestions for you!

One Minute Chocolate Banana Mug Cake via Chocolate Covered Katie

chocolate desserts

I mean, seriously, quick, easy, INDIVIDUAL, delicious, basically guilt-free…..what else could you ask for?!

No Bake Brownie Batter Truffles via Running With Spoons

Chocolate desserts

Truffles are SUPER fancy! And WAY better than anything you’d ever get out of that random box of chocolates you’re eyeing at the grocery store. And, because they are bite-size, that means you can still hold hands while each enjoying one! Brownie points cuz they taste like brownies!!

Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake  via The Lean Green Bean (guest post by Love Me, Feed Me)

chocolate desserts

Perfectly proportioned and single serve – so easy to make 2! – chocolate cupcakes are sure to be the way to your lover’s heart. <3

Paleo Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie via Fit Mitten Kitchen

chocolate desserts

Who says gingerbread has to just be for the holidays? I mean, isn’t Valentine’s Day considered a holiday? And besides, it’s not that long after Christmas so gingerbread should still be allowed. There you go – decision made. Now, go make this cookie!

Dark Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding via Skinny Taste

chocolate desserts

Who doesn’t love bread pudding?!?! Throw in dark chocolate chunks and you’ve got super decadent. And sexy. Yes, bread pudding can be sexy. You know it’s true.

Sinfully delicious (and healthy!) chocolate desserts you need to make right now! #recipes #chocolate Click To Tweet

There you have it, folks. Consider yourself prepared for Valentine’s Day – or even ANY day that you want a tasty and delicious chocolate dessert with a little less guilt. Although, truthfully, guilt is overrated. Chocolate is an essential part of life. Enjoy it, savor it, fall in LOVE with it. And don’t forget to share it with your honey. <3


  • Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?


  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 24th Jan 17

    Is it wrong that I’ve already pinned many (but not all) of these, and made a couple of them? There’s a reason I named my blog what I did!

    I like Valentine’s Day. Mainly because it’s my birthday. 🙂

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 25th Jan 17

      Your birthday is on Valentine’s Day?! FUN! And, nope, not wrong at all – that’s why I shared them!!!

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