Welp, 2 weeks down and 4 weeks to go until I can put my left foot down on the ground!

Surgery and the second week: more good, bad, and ugly


And I am wearing regular clothes!!! I’ll tell you what – sweatpants are definitely comfy but I was starting to feel a lot little like a slob. I don’t mind wearing the sweats at home because it makes life a little easier but we started going out in public a little more and I’d prefer to look a little more like a human. haha

Physical therapy is going really, really well. I have really good control of my quad muscles already and I officially reached 90 degree flexion at last Tuesday’s PT session. Whoop! Of course, that was the goal for the first 4 weeks so I’m not going past it until the therapy schedule dictates. Just because I got there faster doesn’t mean they’re going to speed things up. Shucks! Actually, I’m cool with that because I want my knee to have ALL the time it needs to heal before I put weight on it. Which may or may not happen soon at PT with crutches and the brace on. I’m not completely sure how to read my PT plan but we’ll see. They’re in charge, not me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve decided that I’m not going to sit in those motorized carts at the grocery store anymore. Made a trip to the Kroger with Thing 2 this past weekend and I crutched through the whole store. SO much easier and so much better for my tummy and my brain. Of course, I forgot my list AND my coupons so I was a little all over the place but it was just so much easier to manage and navigate my way around people. Plus, it’s not a bad workout. ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, first things first. My sailor went back to California so it’s just me again. ๐Ÿ™ I’ll tell you something – being stubborn and trying to do all the things by yourself is MUCH easier when there’s somebody around to ask for help should you absolutely need it. Now, there’s no-one to ask and it’s frustrating. Of course, the dogs don’t understand why it takes me extra time to get over to the door to let them in/out or feed them dinner. And helping my senior dog get on and off the couch or chair is definitely a challenge. I have to balance like a ninja! Also, he barks when he wants up and because it takes me a few minutes to get to him, he barks again. and again. and again. I try not to get annoyed but … I’m really working hard at practicing patience. I know he doesn’t understand.

Also, it takes me quite a bit of extra time to make my meals. By the time I get my food ready, I’m STARVING! But, I’m pushing through it. I just have to allot myself some extra time to get things done, especially since I’m heading back to work this week.

Showers. I still have to wear a bag over my leg. And, now I have to tie it on my leg all by myself. Which I didn’t do a very good job of the last time and my brace got wet and I had to blow dry it. SMH. The stitches should come out tomorrow (I’m going to try to get a video. Might be on my instagram story too so, if you’re interested in stuff like that, watch for it! haha!) and I hope that means I can take the brace off for showering purposes! I just want to wash my left leg!! Haha. And man, this might be tmi, but my left leg is starting to look a little bit like a wooly mammoth since I can’t shave yet. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Remember me mentioning that I might be able to stop sleeping in the brace? Well, no. I clarified with the doc after last Tuesday’s PT and he got back to me with the order that I must sleep in the brace for the entire 6 weeks. Honestly, I expected that but I was still a little disappointed. I’m figuring it out though. I’ve even figured out how to sleep somewhat comfortably on my right side! I don’t spend a lot of time there but at least I can change positions.

Oh, and for some reason my right hand is back to falling asleep at night pretty regularly. And it takes time for the tingling to stop in the morning which makes doing things like feeding the animals and scooping the kitty litter much more difficult than normal. Ugh.

So, I got my hair done on Friday (this is GOOD. the bad is coming though…..)

So, on my way back to the chair after the shampoo, I was trying to turnย and get into the chair and I slipped. And I put my left foot down HARD in an effort to prevent myself from faceplanting into the chair and falling to the floor. I got my foot up in a hurry but we all had minor heart attacks. I didn’t feel any pain in my knee when it happened but later, I was sore and stiff. I don’t think I did any damage though since my knee didn’t bend (thank you for being there for me, Mr. annoying brace!!). But, it definitely scared me.


Surgery and the second week: more good, bad, and ugly

What? You think that’s pretty? haha ย It’s so interesting to me that the bruising is mostly on the inside of my knee. Such pretty purple and blue! Also, if you really look, you can see that there is a nice yellowish bruise all the way down my shin to my ankle. It’s definitely tender. Guess that’s what happens when you have a hole drilled in your leg. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thankfully, that’s really the only “ugly” I have left. Phew!

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  • Have you ever had stitches?
  • Sweats – loungewear or “out in public” wear?ย (gym doesn’t count)


  1. SuzLyfe | 3rd Mar 17

    Ugh I feel you on the terror of the near fall when you are on crutches. Heart, in chest. And also how much you need help when you are on crutches, and you are now VERY alone! I hope you have figured out the coffee situation ;D

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 3rd Mar 17

      YES! The coffee situation has been managed!! Even when I want to sit on the couch and enjoy a cup. Thank you non-spill travel mugs and sweaters with pockets! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy | 28th Feb 17

    Oh no on the near-fall! Hope that there’s no residual problems from that.

    You are such a trooper. I can’t even imagine having to take care of the animals with all of that going on. Thankfully mine are small. But no, they don’t understand when you’re sick/injured & things aren’t the same as usual. Although they sure do like to cuddle when I lay around more than normal.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 28th Feb 17

      Oh yes, I have definitely been soaking up some serious cuddles! Back to work this week and the cats look at me with disappointment when I leave the house. Haha! I think I’m okay – I see the doc tomorrow and will tell him about it and see what he says. ๐Ÿ™‚

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