It is true. I did not share anything about my 4th week post-surgery. I am guilty. Let me ‘splain.

Meniscus Surgery - 5 weeks later

The 4th week was rough. Like… really, really, really rough. One of the girls quit at work and the other girl was on vacation and that left me holding the bag and having to cover ALL. THE. HOURS. Which was great for that paycheck! But, not so great for my knee. 🙁 Not that I knew that at the time. But….it wasn’t good. Instead of working close to 40 hours for a 2 week period, I worked 50. Doesn’t sound like much but when it takes me approximately 12,537 hours to just get dressed, all those hours ON MY FEET FOOT doing all the things were pretty exhausting. Add in to the mix a second college class that started on March 6 and the guided study for my NASM CPT cert that started on March 14 and suddenly, I was not only up and about too much, I was pretty darned overwhelmed. I told my sailor I felt like I was stuck in a really long tunnel and I couldn’t see a light at the end and I could no longer see the light where I entered. It was a tough spot. Something had to go. And it was blogging. Sorry, ya’ll.

Meniscus Surgery - 5 weeks later

Okay, my knee. So, everything was progressing quite nicely until I worked all the hours and I started noticing that my knee was actually starting to hurt/ache a little, everything was really uncomfortable, and my heel slides to 90 degrees were pretty difficult. Up until that point, they had been pretty easy. But, suddenly, it felt like my knee cap was “getting caught” every time I went to bend my knee and it just plain old hurt. And it made me cry. Plus, every time I came home from work, my knee and entire lower leg and foot were swollen (I sent entirely too many pictures of my foot to my sailor that week! I swear we don’t have foot fetishes!) and the area around my Achilles was SUPER sore and bruised and it just hurt to wear my left shoe.

Meniscus Surgery - 5 weeks later

Attractive, right?

Um, no.

So, I had my 4 week assessment at physical therapy on the 14th. It took me a few tries to bend my knee to 90 degrees. :/ We talked about everything and she said, and I quote, “Does Dr. xyz know you’re working so much? Do you need me to call him and get your restrictions?”  Well, in my defense, no one knew that the girl at work was going to quit! Anyway, she said my IT band was as tight as a guitar string, all the swelling was hindering my healing, and I needed to spend way more time on my butt than on my feet.  I also was given instructions to use a heating pad at least 2x a day on my IT band and to use ice at least 3x a day, especially after doing my exercises and/or being up and about for a bit. *sigh*  Needless to say, I had work after PT and when I went in and they asked how therapy went, I cried. I tried so hard not to but I couldn’t help it. There was way too much crying!!! But stress + stress + stress = tears in my world. #dontjudgeme

Anyhooooo, I explained what was going on and they jumped into action. After work that day, I had the rest of the week off, worked for a couple of hours on Sunday, and have limited hours until I go for my 6 week follow-up and hit weight bearing status. Then, I’ll get direction from the doc about what I can do and for how long, etc, and we’ll go from there. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my job?!?! I was super stressed because I know why they hired me and I cannot live up to those expectations right now and I am so lucky they gave me the opportunity and I was afraid they were going to fire me. Drama much? Yes. Do I stress about all the things? YES.

The good news? All those days off allowed me to 1) get ahead on my school work (BOOM!) and 2) relieve a lot of the stress and pressure on my knee – mobility is so much better now!! I do hamstring, IT band, and achilles stretches at least 2x a day (usually 3x), and I have been totally following orders with heat and ice. I may or may not be going slightly stir crazy sitting on my butt all the time but…..I want to run and squat again so it’s worth it. Plus, there’s wine so…… 😉

Also, I had this guy nearby to make me smile.

Meniscus surgery - 5 weeks later


  • Are you a crier? How do you handle stress?
  • How many times have you watched The Princess Bride?


  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities | 23rd Mar 17

    Jennifer – you soooooo do what I would do.. I would still FIND A WAY TO WORK OUT some how! 😉 Glad my videos can entertain you and distract you! haha!

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities | 23rd Mar 17

    THIS sounds so excruciating. Oh my goodness. I would not do well with this at all so I commend you. Obviously you don’t really have any choice but still. It’s not easy to be forced to “sit on the sidelines”. I know if I had this type of injury, I would be the idiot who tries to work out – and then I would mess myself up even more!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 23rd Mar 17

      Umm, soooo, I might still be working out a little bit…… like one legged rowing and core and upper body stuff…. lol Although, I do try to be careful but I mean, I AM a redhead and killing people is frowned upon in this society so….working out is for everybody ELSE’s benefit. 😀 At least I have your videos to keep me entertained. 😉

  3. Marcia | 22nd Mar 17

    I’m sorry you’ve got so much on your plate right now. Definitely not good for healing. I was on crutches once years ago when I messed up my knee skiing. That is no fun at all. I can’t imagine having to be on your feet so much. Take care!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 23rd Mar 17

      I’ve never been skiing. I’m sure I would end up in a full body cast. Haha! Crutches are definitely helpful if you need them but MAN, are they a pain in the butt!! I’m looking forward to being able to start weight-bearing work next week. Baby steps but all in the right direction! Thanks for reading! <3

  4. Chocolaterunsjudy | 21st Mar 17

    I’m so sorry that the sh&# hit the fan. I’m glad you’re getting some much needed rest again. I did notice your absence, btw!

    The Princess Bride is one of my husband’s fav books — I’ve only watched the movie a few times (once recently), but God knows how often he’s watched it. Too often. He needs to be more active.

    I’m not much of a cryer at all. Death of a furkid, bad dx for a furkid . . . that’s about it. It’s genetic.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 21st Mar 17

      Man, when the ish hits the fan in my world, it does a really good job and goes everywhere. haha! The rest and break from work is definitely doing me good. Had physical therapy today and the difference is astounding! And thanks for noticing my absence. 🙂 I didn’t enjoy it and I missed reading all the things and chatting with you! And there’s no such thing as “too often” when it comes to watching Princess Bride. 😉

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