WOOOHOOO!!! I’ve hit the 6 week mark and you know what that means!!!


Meniscus Surgery - it's the 6 week mark!

I’m so excited!!

And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared, too.

Meniscus surgery - it's the 6 week mark!

I know they’re not going to take my crutches and say, “go for a walk” but I haven’t used my left leg to help me ambulate in 6 weeks so, I think nerves are to be expected. I go in for my follow-up with the doc tomorrow and then, I have a physical therapy appointment right afterwards. Between the doc and the therapist, I’ll get my restrictions and limitations, etc. We need to see how strong my quad is as those muscles are going to be doing the bulk of the work keeping me upright. haha

I’m fairly certain they will just test standing strength first. And if I walk, it’ll definitely be assisted. (um, right??!!??)  I PROMISE I WILL GET VIDEO!!!  I’ll also have to learn how to use the crutches for actual walking support rather than just using them to help me move around on only one foot.

And maybe I can stop trying to fall down, too. That would be nice. Seriously, this past week I almost bit it at least 3 times. At this point, I should be a crutches expert! WTF? Um, hello, balance? Please come back!

OH! But speaking of balance, sometimes I straight up have the skills of a ninja! Look at what I’ve learned to do!!

That was one of the really good moments from this past week.

But, I have been having some ridiculous mood swings. REE-DICK-YOU-LUSS. Like, I don’t even know what’s up. Has there been a full moon or something? Maybe it’s the crazy weather? I’ve definitely had some emotional ups and downs throughout this whole process but this past week I have just been over it. OVER. IT. I’m just so tired of being limited and unable to do the things I would normally do. I just want to be able to go to the grocery store by myself and I want to go to Michael’s or TJ Maxx or wherever and just shop and I am seriously JUST SO TIRED of sliding down the stairs to the basement to feed the cats and scoop the litter. I want to be able to vacuum and dust my house. I want to get a package from the mailbox without having to bring a bag to carry it in or darn near fall carting it into the house. I’m tired of using the dryer as a dresser because folding and putting away laundry takes 15487 trips. Also, I’m really tired of sitting on my butt all the time. My butt is starting to hurt. My butt is not used to such torture.

Meniscus surgery - it's the 6 week mark!

First world problems, I know. I’m sure I’ll feel better once I have both feet on the ground. 🙂

No questions today – just share something fun from this past week.

Meniscus surgery - it's the 6 week mark!





  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 29th Mar 17

    I can’t even do a pistol squat with 2 good legs! You are seriously fit!

    Well, I can do it, but I don’t get anywhere near to the ground as you do.

    Tomorrow I’ll be sharing all those good NOLA eats. 🙂 I also weigh in tomorrow . . . now that’s kind of scary!

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