Thinking Out Loud

1. You guys, not to start off on a gross note but Eliza threw up on my planner. *insert angry face here*  I am so picky about planners and I know I spent HOURS searching for one and managed to find this really cute one in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, of all places. Well, I certainly can’t use it any more. UGH!

Planners, Walking, and Facebook Stories

Gross, right? Blech!!!

So, I spent probably an hour or so searching planners on Amazon trying to find the right one. That’s SO HARD!!! I finally settled on an Erica Condren life planner in floral. Not personalized, of course, since I ordered from Amazon. I hope I like it!!! I should get it on Friday.

Planners, Walking, and Facebook stories?

And, I plan on keeping away from crazy pukey cat. :/

2. I just have a couple of days left in my Research Methods/Design class. Thank goodness! I’m in the middle of my Sports Psychology class and then on Monday, I start an 8-week Motor Learning class. Still working on my NASM CPT (may be a little more behind than I’d prefer…..) Busy, busy, BUSY! Hence my need for a planner that doesn’t have cat puke all over it. Good grief!

3. She’s cute and small but I’m fairly certain she’s plotting to chew my face off….

Planners, Walking, and Facebook stories?

No. In case you were wondering, this is not the puking cat.

4. So, I should be getting my new phone today!!! I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S6 and opted for the Google Pixel XL instead of the Galaxy S7 Edge. I’m excited and terrified at the same time! I’m decent with change but when it comes to technology, sometimes it’s easier to stay with what you know. BUT, I’m totally ready for a change and I am so ready for a phone that isn’t loaded down with a ton of apps I don’t use and can’t get rid of. However, if you follow me on Instagram and notice that I’m not posting or my pictures suck, blame it on the phone! Haha. Seriously though, anybody have the Pixel?  Any tips and tricks you’re willing to share?

5. I had planned on waiting until my Tuesday update but I can’t wait…..

I walked!!!

As you can probably tell by the look on my face, I was a wee bit nervous…. haha!

6. So, I opened up my Facebook app the other day (Tuesday maybe?) and now Facebook has stories? Ugh. Really, Facebook?

7. So, Erin posted that she received a shipment of Wolferman’s English Muffins. And it made me want to order some. My mom got me some last year and I happened to eat them all already, PLUS, my grandma used to get them all the time and they remind me of her so…I ordered some! AND, I ordered some to send to my sailor in California. Wolferman’s ship from Tennessee. Someone explain to me how he got his in 2 days and I have to wait a week?!?! Whatever. It’s fine. That will make them taste just that much better when I finally get them!

8. And that’s all the random I have for this week, my friends. I’m sure I could probably come up with more but…some of my random thoughts are best kept to myself. #justsaying  I hope you’ve had the best of weeks so far! Tell me in the comments something random from your week so far!

As always, thank you, Amanda, for letting me Think Out Loud! <3


  1. Megan McGown (@Pinkess1) | 31st Mar 17

    GROSS! I can handle a lot of things, but cat puke is not one of them! I do, however love your new planner! I’ve always wanted an Erin Condren planner — super cute!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 1st Apr 17

      I know, right! It’s just so awful! ? Poor thing though. Just got the planner, too. It’s so cute and it has stickers!!!!!

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy | 30th Mar 17

    Great job on walking! The whole cat puke thing . . . ugh! We used to have a calico (long, long time ago) that looked a lot like yours. Her photo got stolen off a Website and now it’s all over the web!

    I use an EC planner. I like it.

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