This weekend was a pretty good one!  Not that my previous weekends have been bad ones but last weekend was the first one I spent without crutches (spoiler alert! recap coming tomorrow!) and I was sick. 🙁  Not this weekend, though!!

Thing 2 came over Saturday morning with my future son-in-law (henceforth known as FSIL) and my 1st grandthing because FSIL was going to mow the grass. It’s pretty tall in the backyard and I’m afraid I’m going to lose a dog in that jungle! Anyway, it finally quit raining – and he wasn’t working – so it was a good day for it! They actually came over earlier than expected and I was still lounging about in my jammies and just getting ready to make breakfast.  I did a quick change into sweats and make enough breakfast for me to share with my favorite little redhead. 🙂

Pay attention to detail - or you might lose your homework

He got his first taste of kiwi. He was definitely a fan! 🙂

And… lawnmower wouldn’t start. 🙁  So, that was a total bust. It’s a major bummer too because I just bought it two mows before winter. That’s uncool. I just can’t get out there and mess with it to figure out what’s wrong. So….I have to hire someone to do lawn maintenance for me. Not something I had planned but it’s probably for the best because I just can’t do it.

Anyhooo…..after we ate, I did a quick shower and we went to the local farmer’s market!

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

This was the 2nd market of the season so there were more craft vendors than farmer vendors and the sun was bright so I didn’t get any pictures. Next time! Our local farmer’s market is usually pretty good – we have loads of farms in the area and we can find all manner of produce and even local chickens, pork, and beef! I have a “beef lady” – she’s my hook-up. 😉  Thing 2 scored some mango salsa and I nabbed a couple of farm fresh chicken breasts and we called it a day.

They dropped me off back at home and I got ready to do some schoolwork.

And then I got lonely. And sad. And I definitely hadn’t had enough grandbaby time! So I called her and we met up for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant!

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

No, silly, he didn’t have any curry. We all like it SPICY and that’s not so good for him. But, we did share some rice and naan and pakura with him. Besides, he had his own food. 🙂

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

Then, we went for cupcakes and I came home.

I still wasn’t quite ready to focus on schoolwork, so I worked on a recipe for you guys.

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

Oh, you guys. You’re really going to like this one!!!

Then, I was finally ready to focus so I did a little schoolwork and then made myself some dinner.

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

Saturday was a pretty darn good day. 🙂

Sunday was a little slower. I work the Sunday shift at the gym and that’s only 2 hours. Easy peasy, right? Right. Then, I came home and finished up an assignment while snacking on some jelly belly.

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

5 servings in that bag? Umm….are you sure????

And then, the fireworks started.

I saved my paper and went to submit it and I COULDN’T FIND IT!! It wasn’t ANYWHERE!! In fact, when I went back into Word and tried to “open recent,” it WASN’T AN OPTION!!! Oh my gosh, I almost cried!!! That paper, while only 2 pages, was SO HARD for me to write and I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to recreate what I had written!! I called my sailor and we spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to figure it all out. Turns out, it saved to the Word Recovery folder – the last paper (um, 11 pages!!!) I wrote, my computer froze up when I tried to save it and I was able to rescue my paper as “recovered” and apparently, that’s where it defaulted to for saving and I didn’t notice. Oh, and I have a Mac so it’s not like there’s an easy way to figure things out and just find these folders. I was able to see where it was saved by opening a new Word doc and clicking “save as” and it showed me the path. I never was able to find that actual folder on my computer but I was able to “right click” on it in that “save as” path and was able to make a duplicate. Then I was able to put the duplicate in the trash and I went to the trash can and removed it to my desktop and I could open it!

PRAISE ALL THINGS THAT ARE AMAZING AND SPECTACULAR!!! I seriously gave a shout and said ‘I WIN!!!”  Yes, I was still on the phone with my sailor.  Haha!

Anyway, I renamed it, saved it to my desktop (made sure to change the path!!), and submitted my paper! Whoop!!

And then, I drank some wine and made myself some nachos.

Pay attention to detail or you might lose your homework!

And that my friends, was enough excitement for me! haha

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  • Do you like Indian food? Spicy or mild?
  • Have you ever saved something on your computer and then couldn’t find it? SO SCARY!!!!


  1. Marcia | 10th Apr 17

    Oh goodness! I’m glad you found your paper. Computers suck sometimes. Jelly you’ve got farmers’ markets already. Ours don’t open until June.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 11th Apr 17

      It actually surprises me that our market opens that soon! But, there was a good variety of beets and some other veggies and LOADS of farm fresh eggs. That’s actually my favorite part! 🙂

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