I know, I know, I’m a day late with this post. Technically, I’m at 9 weeks and 1 day post surgery. It’s all good – gives me another day of PT to tell you about!

So, last Tuesday (the 11th), I got to warm up on the bike again! It takes me a minute or two for my knee to loosen up and I have to go really slowly but then, it starts to feel pretty good and I can really get to moving!

Then, I got to do a little bit with my brace unlocked!! I was unable to get video because my phone was in my pocket (tee-hee) but I did some tiny squats (30 degrees) and I got to walk outside the parallel bars! WHOOP!

So, I’m trying to work out at least 2-3 times a week for my sanity’s sake and I made it to the gym Monday and Wednesday of last week.  Wednesday’s workout was pretty fun – I even managed to do burpees!

I had planned on working out on Friday but the workout was just too hard and not really scalable for me, so I skipped it. It’s okay, I got 2 workouts and 2 days of PT and ALL the days of walking around.

Because, on Thursday, she said that I could start unlocking the brace and walking around more and more with it unlocked!!

Meniscus surgery - 9 weeks down

I worked a fair amount on Thursday and Friday and kept it locked whenever there were lots of kids in the gym because kids tend to be unpredictable (imagine that!) and kids on scooters are dangerous to me – haha! – but I did have it unlocked quite a bit! It felt pretty nice to be able to walk around with it unlocked although, sometimes I would forget that it was unlocked and I would find myself keeping my leg straight even when I didn’t need to. Silly me! And, sometimes I would forget that I wasn’t normal and I would try to stand up with all my weight on both legs and my knee would QUICKLY remind me that it wasn’t ready for such things and I would sit back down in a hurry. I have to remember to stand up really only using my right leg.

I also discovered that I was favoring my knee a little too and limping even though I didn’t need to. I think that’s just because I still have the brace on and I’m still learning to trust my knee. And, I’ve learned that I can’t climb up a step with my left leg yet. Nope, definitely not ready for steps.

And on Thursday, this little nugget showed up!!

Meniscus surgery - 9 weeks down

So you know the past few days have been pretty busy!

Friday night, one of my dogs decided to be a stubborn butt-head and he kinda jarred my knee a little.  :/  It was sore but not crazy painful so nothing bad happened to my knee but I tried to be super careful over the weekend.  My knee felt a little stiff but it got better as the weekend went on. I have noticed that moving my knee is much more fluid feeling since I’ve been able to put weight on my left leg. It’s a little swollen but it’s not too bad.

I asked them about it at PT yesterday and they said the swelling was likely a response to me using it and as it gets used to being used, it’ll settle down.

Which is good because I should be out of the brace for good by next Thursday!!

Meniscus surgery - 9 weeks down



  • Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? I can’t even stay up that late. haha
  • How do you feel about licorice jelly beans?


  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 20th Apr 17

    I see bits of Jimmy on the Today show, but I’m asleep by 9 pm most nights.

    It’s amazing how strong you look — way stronger than lots of women who haven’t had surgery! I would totally use that surgery as an excuse to NOT do burpees, I’m sure.

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