Hey y’all!  I’ve been wanting to get this recap up since I got back but seriously, all the travel drama and then getting sick and then being the primary babysitter for my granddaughter really threw a wrench in that plan! BUT, I finally feel less like a zombie and my Nutrition for Sports Performance class is finished (squeaked an A!! Whoop!) and I have some time to get this done!

I’m actually going to break it up into 2 posts because there’s just too much and I want to focus on my takeaways from BlogFest in a separate post. So, for this one, you get Vegas (and some BlogFest fun) in a few pictures! And by a few, I mean MANY. 😉

Vegas and BlogFest - in pictures
Guess who picked me up from the airport?! He’s the bestest! <3 My flight, however, was delayed and I was WICKED tired!


Vegas and Blogfest (in pictures)
First on the agenda the next day? DONUTS!


Vegas and Blogfest (in pictures)
Then, we headed over to the convention center so I could register and get him a companion pass!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Then, we toured Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and their cactus garden, and ate delicious chocolate. 🙂


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Then, we played tourist and walked the strip for a couple of hours.


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Kicked off BlogFest with a run along the strip with these lovely ladies! <3


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Goofing around at the Sweat Pink booth during the expo 🙂


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Acting like grown-ups at the Idea World welcome party. #mature


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Friday morning started with a ModelFit workout! Not a lot of sweat but holy cow, my muscles hurt for like 2 days afterwards!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
More fun at the expo. I can only dream of affording one of these!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Saturday was spent catching up on schoolwork and just hanging out. Then we went to Therapy for dinner. GO. THERE!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Then, we wandered around downtown and I won $25 after playing $2 in slots!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
We checked out Hoover Dam on Sunday. So AMAZING! You should go if you have never been!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures(
Then, we headed for Lake Mead National Park. So beautiful!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
And then we headed through Valley of Fire State Park. Isn’t our little Fiat cute? So glad we had it so we could get OUT!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Monday started with more donuts! Except these were not good. Meh. 🙁


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Then, we headed out to Seven Magic Mountains! Which is actually just painted rocks stacked in the middle of the desert but still COOL. 😉


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
We also stopped at the Pinball Hall of Fame and I played on some machines I used to love as a kid! Super fun and all proceeds that exceed upkeep of the machines goes to charity. 🙂


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Monday night, we got gussied up and went to dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere. Pricey but definitely worth it. The views were spectacular! Also, people jump off the top. On purpose. For FUN. 😮


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Annndddd…..then we went to Urgent Care. Uh…hello, unfriendly bladder infection. 🙁 Don’t worry. I’m fine. Antibiotics got me back to normal!

Hang on folks, just three more pictures!!

Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Tuesday morning travels started with a bang. Literally. That guy hit the plane and got lodged.  WHILE WE WERE PUSHING BACK FROM THE TERMINAL. Let the delays begin!


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
They had to bring out stairs and we had to cross the tarmac to get back to the terminal. Good times.


Vegas and BlogFest (in pictures)
Multiple hours of delays later, I finally landed at my home airport at midnight. My bags did not. 🙁 Got home at 2am and the bags showed up the next day. Making memories!

That’s all folks!

If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around until the end! Just for that, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 🙂  Do you follow me on Instagram?  I’ve got a giveaway going on over there! A month’s supply of Siggi’s yogurt!!! Head on over (I’m @thefitnana) and enter!  I’d love for you to win!!

Tell me:

  • Have you ever had travel drama like that?
  • Have you ever been to Vegas?
  • Window or aisle seat?


  1. Mandie Brice | 9th Aug 17

    Looks like you had a blast, too! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you, and that I didn’t also tour a chocolate factory! <3

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 11th Aug 17

      I never would have known about the chocolate factory if I hadn’t done a ton of looking into “things to do OFF the Strip” and pushing my search outside of Vegas. Although, truthfully, Henderson is pretty much Vegas so … lol. It was so fun! I’m sure there will be WAY more to do in San Diego next year!

  2. Julie @ Running in a Skirt | 7th Aug 17

    What a great time until the bi and plane delays at least. I’m window seat- always!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 7th Aug 17

      I can do window seat on a short flight (less than an hour) as long as I have the very first row or an exit row. Gives me extra room to breathe and I feel a lot less like I’m trapped. I’m special, I know. LOL

  3. Chocolaterunsjudy | 3rd Aug 17

    Oooh, Siggi’s!

    I have been to Vegas many, many times (and definitely an aisle seat). I didn’t go until I was about 30+ something, but boy, it’s one of my most visited cities! You sure packed a whole lot into a few days — wow!

    I wish it were in Vegas again next year. True, I’ve only been to San Diego once, and yes, I actually have cousins who live there (and a brother in SoCal).

    So sorry about the UTI. I have suffered many, many of them in my life. Very long story. Knock on wood haven’t had one since we moved here.

    And congrats on that A! Well done! Would you like to practice on me? 🙂

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 4th Aug 17

      Yeah, we did quite a bit! But, we didn’t feel too overwhelmed – although we did have to bail on a show that we had already purchased tickets for but it worked out perfectly since it gave us time to chill out and watch crap on TV. haha

      I haven’t had a bladder infection in FOREVER! It totally snuck up on me. It was awful. Worst I’ve ever had. I’m actually surprised I made it through our dinner.

      And definitely an aisle seat!! Plus the front of the plane. Claustrophobia and anxiety do not always make for a fun plane ride! haha I was totally asking my seat neighbors to take pictures out the window for me. lol

      I’m hoping to be able to go to San Diego next year. I’ve only been once and that was back in 1990!

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