Okay, so my last few Thinking Out Loud posts have been pretty “thinky” and not so much random and what you would expect from someone thinking out loud. Not this time, baby! Buckle up and get ready to hear some of the more recent thinks I’ve had. I apologize in advance if some of this is TMI. #sorrynotsorry #randomthoughts

1. Some random tropical storm-ish thing hit us on Tuesday.  It actually started Monday night.  Tuesday was pretty damn gross. Even so, the day started off fine and I got a nice garage workout done.  Came back in, started the coffee, and went to take a shower. After said shower, grabbed coffee and breakfast. Went to table to eat breakfast and stepped in a puddle of water.


Yeah. That’s not the best picture but that’s the ceiling in my dining room. Water was dripping from there. The slew of cuss words that flew out of my mouth are NSFW so I’ll skip ahead. After I cussed, I started to bemoan my situation and then, NO. I’m grateful that’s all I have to deal with.

2. On that note, there are plenty of charitable organizations that you can donate to in support of the Texans who need help after Hurricane Harvey.  If you want, you can join me in a virtual race (I’m doing a 10k! There’s also a 5k option.) where all proceeds from registration fees go to the Texas Diaper Bank and the American Red Cross.  You can register for that here ->

Also, check out this article from NPR with details about how you can help.

3. So, I went to Whole Foods on Monday.  Honestly, I only went because that was the official day that Amazon took over and I’m a Prime member and I wanted to see what was up.  And, they carry the best selection of Siggi’s so I actually had another a valid reason to go. For the record, I think some of the prices were a little cheaper but I don’t shop there enough to really know the difference. I do know that the guy behind the register had zero clue about how that whole “discounts for Amazon Prime members” is going to work so I don’t think that’s officially rolled out yet.  Also, I saw macaroons (macarons?) there for the first time and I bought two – one red velvet and one double chocolate. Holy shit, that red velvet one was AMAZING. I ate it before I took a picture of it. Oops, my bad. This one though – the double chocolate one – was meh. Go for the red velvet!!


4. I got my teeth cleaned on Wednesday. It was not fun. I hate going to the dentist.

TMI, MAYBE? (tol #22)
Don’t let the smile fool you, I still hate the dentist.

Actually, all of my recent introspection has me remembering things from when I was a kid. I think I know where my dentist phobia came from. This may have occurred in 2 separate events but in my brain, it’s all in one event. I fell when I was little (maybe 3?) and hit my chin pretty darn hard. Like blood everywhere hard. Like stitches hard. I also pushed one of my baby teeth BACK UP INTO MY GUM. Yeah. There wasn’t anything they could do but wait for it to come out attached to my “big” tooth. That tooth has since sported a nice little triangle from where the baby tooth was stuck to it. And that, my friends, is what I believe makes me not like the dentist. Aside from the fact that I’ve had some doozies over the years. It’s definitely not my favorite place. I just don’t have the best experiences there.

*side note* I’m going to be spending a lot of time there over the next few years. In all honestly, I don’t have great teeth (and I’d prefer to smile with my mouth closed) and I have some major issues that need handling but, he’s got a plan and I actually trust him. Now, all I need to do is win the lottery or receive an anonymous monetary gift in the mail. Let me know if you need my address. 😉

5. Went to the zoo with the grandbabies on Sunday. Saw lots of animals. Watched an ostrich eat its own poop. Because I didn’t realize what was happening – I was focused on the giraffes first – I actually have it on video. I’m sparing you. You’re welcome. Why do they do that????

Anyway, here’s a picture of the cute baby giraffe! Okay, he’s not a “baby” anymore but still. Baby giraffe!!! SQUEEE!


6. Tomorrow’s my birthday. I like to celebrate it but I don’t like all the attention. I don’t like to have people watch me open gifts. Is that weird? lol  What? You want to know how old I’ll be? Sheesh! A lady never tells!

Fine. I’ll be 47. Never said I was a lady. 😉 But that’s a prime number so that makes me special, right?


  • How do you feel about the dentist?
  • Do you know how to patch a ceiling?

Many thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud all my random thoughts. 🙂


  1. Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 6th Sep 17

    I went to the dentist too last week not my favorite thing to do at all. I was really proud to be part of the virtual run for texas I love how supportive the running community is

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 6th Sep 17

      Straight up, I love the running community. LOVE. I’m so proud of us. Hell, I’m so proud of the two who thought of doing a virtual race as a fundraiser! <3

      And honestly, I'm lucky. My dentist understands my phobia/fears and he appreciates me for it and my honesty. I've had others who didn't give a crap how I felt. I'm glad we finally landed somewhere where I have a dentist I feel I can trust who (okay, let's be real here) is young and is not likely to retire any time soon! lol

  2. San | 31st Aug 17

    Awww, we have giraffes at our local zoo and they’re my favorite!! 😉

    Also, good for you for getting the dental work done. I know it’s not fun… but you know what is even less fun? Not having presentable teeth! 😉

    I am running the #runfortexas 10k this weekend, too! 😉

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 31st Aug 17

      I saw! I’m so glad you are running too!! ❤️ And yeah, I’ve dealt with what I feel are non-presentable teeth for too long. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the possibility of not hating my smile/teeth after all these years. ?

  3. Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off | 31st Aug 17

    I didn’t notice any Whole Foods changes yet either; I think it’s just been a little overhyped hehe. Happy early birthday!!! And omg that giraffe is so so cute <3

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 31st Aug 17

      My thoughts exactly! Especially since the guy that worked there didn’t have a clue. ? And thank you! And I know, right?! Giraffes are so cute and gangly when they’re little!

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