Alright, how many of you peek out your window before you start getting ready to go for a run and immediately stomp on the brakes if there’s a raindrop or two or 258 falling from the sky?  Now, if you happen to have a treadmill in your home and were planning on using it for said run or you plan on driving to the gym to run on the treadmill there anyway, this isn’t really going to apply to you. And I would wonder why, if you were going to run on a treadmill at home, you peeked out that window anyway? Just curious?  Planning ahead for when you do leave the house? #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm

This applies more to outdoor runners – those of us who often rise before the sun to beat the heat and/or humidity outside and get those miles in while wearing headlamps and all manner of reflective gear; those of us who pack our running gear in a bag for a lunch time run downtown; or those of us who put the kids to bed after dinner and head out for those solo miles (or maybe even with a friend).

Why let the rain stop you?

Why you should go for a run in the rain

Now, when I say that you should go for a run in the rain, I don’t mean that you need to be heading out the door for a run during a thunderstorm (lightning is dangerous, y’all!! Take that stuff seriously or you could end up toasted like a marshmallow!) or any torrential downpours.  But, if you’re out and you don’t quite beat the rain, well, just keep going! However, if it’s a pop-up thunderstorm or even a torrential downpour, you just need to take cover and wait it out.  You guys, seriously, if it’s a thunderstorm, take cover. I’ll say it again, lightning is dangerous!!

But, if it’s just raining – you know, like basic rain, throw on a hat, put on that rain jacket (if you don’t have one, you should get one. I have a bright yellow one!), and get out the door. Your clothes will dry.  Your shoes will dry. (hints on how to dry wet running shoes!) Your hat will dry. And you’ll dry too! I promise. <3

why you should go for a run in the rain

1. Running in the rain can be totally refreshing. Especially during the summer. Just imagine it – you’re out, it’s been a mile or two, it’s hotter than the dickens (which, in case you didn’t know is hotter than really f*n hot) and you swear the humidity is out to get you. And, of course, not a single one of your neighbors is running their sprinkler so you have no where to frolic and get some relief. The skies open up and boom! That’s seriously the best thing ever. It’s a gift from the running gods.

2. You know you secretly want to splash in puddles on rainy days but your “adult” sensibilities don’t believe in fun. Now’s your chance to show them who’s actually boss around here!

Why you should go for a run in the rain

3. Everything smells different. It’s like you’re running in a whole new place that smells fresh and clean and green and beautiful! It can change your whole mindset and actually be a little soul-cleansing. It’s like the rain is washing away all the bad and making everything shiny and new.

4. You’ll run faster!! I mean, duh, who doesn’t try to dodge the raindrops?

Why you should go for a run in the rain

5. Bragging rights. You know you have those friends who will complain how they missed their run because of the weather. We all do. You didn’t miss your run, though. You’re a total badass.

Why you should go for a run in the rain

So, next time you get ready to head out the door for your run, don’t let the weather stop you (unless, it’s dangerous and then, by all means, let the weather stop you). Just make sure you leave a towel by the door. 🙂

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  • How do you feel about running in the rain?
  • Do you like pina coladas?


  1. Farrah | 15th Sep 17

    Definitely agreed that everything smells different and seems kinda “cleansed” when you’re outside in the rain! I’ve been caught in torrential downpours before and those weren’t too pleasant, but light rain is nice! :]

  2. Liz | 11th Sep 17

    I love love LOVE running in the rain! Good thing since I live in Portland, OR. ?

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 11th Sep 17

      Oh definitely!! And the places you get to go run are so beautiful anyway, I can only imagine how much more spectacular it would be in the rain!

  3. kookyrunner | 11th Sep 17

    I don’t mind a short run in the rain, as long as it’s not pouring lol. It can be really refreshing especially when it’s really hot!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 11th Sep 17

      We lived in Florida for a few years and I ran many a long run in the rain. Some of that rain was pretty heavy at times. I figured one day I would make an excellent “drowned rat” model. ?

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