Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday, my friends!

I thought I would do things a little different today and give you a snapshot of some current and random things going on in my life right now. Because I know you’re interested in my randomness. ;D

Current events: Ha! I totally laughed when I typed that. It’s like I have to do a report or something. Anyway, I’m currently packing for my trip to visit my Sailor in California! I leave on Friday and we’ll have 10 days together. I think that’s the longest we will have been together since he came home after my surgery in February. Now, I know that sounds funny since we saw each other in July but we were only together for a week. 10 days is a big deal!

Current dilemma: Hmmm…is it overkill to take 7 pairs of shoes for 10 days of vacation? Well, technically, I’d only be packing 6 because I obviously need to wear a pair but….I plan on working out and running, we have a semi-formal event, there’s talk of hiking, we’ll probably go wine tasting, and I’m the Master Chief’s wife – I GOTTA look good. See? Dilemma. What would you do?

Current book: Honestly, I haven’t started reading it yet but it’s going in my bag and I plan on breaking it out on the plane. It’s going to be a long flight. Maybe I’ll finish it in one trip? Should I pack a second book just in case?!

Currently - September 2017

Current stressor: My statistics class. There’s just over a week left of class and I’m trying hard to get my final paper done before vacay. I do NOT want to pack my big ole stats book if I don’t have to. Also, this means I need to do my final quiz before I go. That means I need to do it TODAY. GAHHH!! SO. MANY. THINGS.

Current fear: So, I was pretty sure I just knocked a brown recluse spider off the side of my house. *shudder* After further google searching, apparently it was just a garden spider. Either way, it certainly wasn’t a Daddy Long Legs and hell to the no, it’s not invited to hang out on my house!!!

Currently - September 2017

Current OW: Um, so if you’re squeamish about feet, you might want to scroll on by this one. #justsaying So, I’ve been running long distances since 2008 and I’ve never once had a black toenail. NEVER!  And then, this happened –

Currently - September 2017

I was taking off my nail polish and it hurt. UGH. I even tie my shoes a special way to prevent this from happening! WTF, yo?!

Okay, feet talk over.

Current hairstyle: Still short. Even shorter than before, actually!  Just got it cut. Cuz, you know I gotta look GOOD when I see my sailor! <3 Also got my eyebrows done. Going ALL out! lol #eyebrowsonfleek

Currently - September 2017

Current obsession: So, on Labor Day, Thing 2 got a puppy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve met him. If not, consider yourself introduced!  His name is Zeus. I seriously cannot get enough of him!! He’s still potty training so I’ve been able to spend afternoons with him while Thing 2 and my FSIL are at work. I might bring him home one day. Shhh….don’t tell Thing 2. 🙂  OH! And he just got his own Instagram, too! I mean, duh. Look at that face!! You can follow him at @zeusthepugguillot

Currently - September 2017

Current drink: Red wine. (Ga Ga) Give me all the red wine.

Currently - September 2017

I know. I should be ashamed of myself. But y’all, I need to practice for the wine tasting trip!!

Current mood: (is that the wine talking? NAH!)

Currently - September 2017

Okay, I gotta go finish packing.

Tell me:

  • What’s going on in your world?


  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 15th Sep 17

    Take all the shoes. I would if I could ever fit them in my bag!

    Poor toes. I’ve managed to escape so far myself. I hope it stays that way!

    Love your hair. I gotta have my ponytail!

    Have a wonderful vacation. Sorry we didn’t get to meet. 🙁

  2. Kim | 14th Sep 17

    In no particular order:
    Not too many shoes.
    Steal the puppy.
    Take one book there, leave it, buy another for the way back.
    GORGEOUS!! you’ll have a great time!!
    Need picture of puppy with Grandthing 1 and Grandthing 2.
    Never apologize for wine unless you’re holding it while in the driver seat.
    I never need to see your foot again.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 14th Sep 17

      Also in no particular order:
      got it “narrowed down” to 7 (one of which I’m wearing), 3 bulky, 3 non bulky
      I just might. It’d be the hiding him part that’s tough. She lives 5 minutes away. lol
      That’s an excellent idea! I think I’m going to do that. Thank you! 🙂
      Hmm…I wonder if I can get the 3 of them to sit still long enough?
      Point taken. 😀
      Sorry about that.
      THANK YOU!!! <3

  3. amy | 14th Sep 17

    That pup is so cute!

    That’s my current mood too. 😉 Have actually been dancing a bit at my desk today at work 😉

    Tomorrow I am picking up my daughter from college for the weekend! Can’t wait! Tomorrow is her birthday <3

    Enjoy you time with your Sailor. <3 =) My mister was in the Marine Corps for 8 years.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 14th Sep 17

      Oh, that’s so exciting!! Wish her a happy birthday! I’m sure you’re going to have a fantastic weekend with her. 🙂 And thank you to your mister for his service. Once a Marine, always a Marine. My sailor’s been in for 24 years now! Time certainly does fly!

  4. Barrie | 14th Sep 17

    OMG- the puppy! Too cute! I think packing lots of shoes is VERY okay if they are strappy and summer-like in their packability- way easier than boots in the winter!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 14th Sep 17

      I wish they were scrappy and summer-like. :/ We’re talking booties, hiking shoes, and running shoes. UGH. BUT, I got some of these really cool vacuum seal type bags so I’ve put my clothes in there and smushed them down so there’s room for the shoes! #winning 🙂

      And isn’t he adorable? I love him so!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! <3

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