Hey, guess what?! It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday! And you’re in luck because I’m totally about to ramble on about my vacation!

I got home on Monday from a fantastic 10 days in Monterey, California with my husband. In case you didn’t know, he’s stationed out there while I’ve stayed home in Virginia. Um, hello, GRANDBABIES! <3 Why would I leave? Anyway, he’s been there for nearly a year and we’ve done pretty well with seeing each other every few months. He’s come home twice and we met in Vegas in July and this time, it was my turn to take a vacation and head out there!

vacation rambles
What? I just spent 11 hours in an airport and on a plane. I’m entitled to a crazy face. #dontjudgeme

We had one official Navy event that we had to go to and then the rest of the time, we were free to ramble!

vacation rambles
We clean up pretty well πŸ™‚ #fancypants

And ramble we did!

(I should say that we have lived in Monterey before and it is, in fact, the place we met back many many moons ago! So, we have a lot of history there and we still have friends who live out there. Yes, I made sure to see them!)

We went to a play, we drove along the coast, we played on the rocks by the bay, we mucked around Cannery Row, we went to a movie, we ate a TON of delicious food, we went to Ikea (yep, cheaper than the zoo but just as interesting!), we visited a rose garden…. it was a good time. πŸ™‚

vacation rambles

We headed up into the Santa Cruz mountains for an amazing (and kinda difficult) hike in Castle Rock State Park. The views were incredible! As were some of the rock scrambles and the climbs. This definitely is NOT an easy hike. It was awesome!!

Vacation rambles

We also went wine tasting down in Paso Robles. We are wine society club members of two vineyards down there (Justin and Summerwood) and it was good to be back in their tasting rooms again!

vacation rambles

It was kinda hard to leave. πŸ™ But, I had to get back home because … well, I live there and my zoo crew needed me home! Probably won’t see my sailor again until December but we had a great time hanging out and doing all the things.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did make some time for working out. πŸ™‚

vacation rambles
Have running shoes, will travel….

I honestly don’t know if we could have fit more into that trip but, thank goodness we didn’t because we were pretty busy already! BUT, it was relaxing and fun and exactly what we both needed.


  • Have you ever been to Monterey?
  • Do you work out when you’re on vacation?
  • Have you ever been wine tasting in Paso? Favorite winery?
  • Seen the new Lego movie yet?Β It’s pretty good!


  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 28th Sep 17

    Wow, not til December? Ah well, it’ll be a wonderful Christmas and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    I’ve been to Monterey a few times. It was the scene of my epic fall on that walking/running path on a long run last year. Actually 2 falls. I was very lucky that aside from road rash and bruising, I was just fine.

    It’s so lovely out there & a nice place to run (when you aren’t flying into the asphalt).

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 28th Sep 17

      Yeah, waiting until December isn’t going to be fun but Grandthing #3 is due the day after Christmas so it’ll be even more worth the wait!! I wish he could come home over Thanksgiving too but I don’t think he can be away for both holidays. Besides, plane tickets aren’t cheap, even if you’re flying Southwest. *sigh*

      Oh gosh, that’s where you fell?! Were you running along the path in PG/Monterey? I did a couple of runs down there and can definitely see where some falling points might be. It was beautiful, though. My only disappointment was that the seals weren’t barking as much as they used to. I guess that’s because there are less? Or maybe only the young ones bark and by now, they’re surly teenagers with nothing to say? lol

      It was really nice to be back there, though. 10 days was perfect but there were definitely moments when I wished that I had moved out there with him. And then I followed up those moments with “I can’t be away from the grandbabies!” tears. haha

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