Holy cow, what a week so far! And, I don’t even have a job outside of the house that’s stressing me out!! I’m totally blaming Mama Nature for all the stress and ridiculousness right now because it’s snowing in some places and here, all we’ve had is a rude re-introduction of “good gracious, it’s muggy as you know what!” and “oh, here, have some rain to make you even more miserable.”  Um, hello, isn’t time for Fall already????

I guess you can tell where I’m going with this…..

Thinking Out Loud

1. We went to a pumpkin patch this past weekend. It was like 1,237,529 degrees (fine. maybe it was closer to 80.) and it didn’t feel very “Fall” like. Also, when was the last time you did a corn maze? Did you know that corn mazes are only fun when it’s cool outside because apparently corn stalks hold heat and make you feel like the maze is on the sun? And they’re way more fun when the “managers” of said corn maze give you hints and maybe some fun directional clues and a really tall flag to carry around just in case you get lost? Yeah.

(tol #27)

And here’s an interesting question – is the corn maze plotted out AFTER the corn is grown (and if so, what happens to all the corn that is cut down???) or is the corn planted with the maze in mind? #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm

2. Also, playing in kiddie pools full of dried corn is apparently not that fun. And corn gets into your shoes. (and diapers. I don’t even understand it.)

(tol #27)

3. No, I didn’t take any pictures of the pumpkins. Sorry. Trust me when I say they were there. Here’s a picture of a cute calf to make up for it.

(tol #27)

4. Did you know that cows don’t necessarily want to be petted? No matter how much you call and cajole and beg and make scratchy motions with your hands? *cue sad face*

5. Okay, serious question here. Please help me!!! I’m in the market for a new Garmin. It’s time. I currently am using the Forerunner 110. Did you know that it’s been discontinued? Am I showing my age with that one???? Anyhooo, I’ve been eyeballing the Fenix 5s, the Forerunner 935, and the Forerunner 735xt. Thoughts? Reviews? Advice?

6. Do you ever wonder why you stopped wearing footie pajamas?

(tol #27)

7. So, I randomly stabbed myself in the nose the other night while I was sleeping. I woke up after I did it cuz….OW. I don’t know what happened, I can’t even remember what I was dreaming about! All I know is I woke up with blood crusted on the top of my nose the next morning. (Note to self: trim and file nails). Then, I washed my face this morning and the scab came off and it bled everywhere. *sigh* (1. Yes, I’ve washed my face since then. 2. What the heck, yo?!) Can’t take me anywhere right now. Have you ever injured yourself while sleeping?

8. Cute pug alert.

(tol #27)

Follow him on instagram at @zeusthepugguillot 🙂

9. Okay, back to serious. I had my mammogram the other day and I got my results back. Nothing bad so don’t go there! But, apparently I have dense breast tissue and that can mask or hide cancer so it’s especially important that I go. #smallboobieproblems If your family has a history of breast cancer, you need to talk to your doctor and determine when is the right time for you to start getting a mammogram. Also, the doctors will decide if you need to go every year (like me. hello, dense breast tissue) or every 2 years. You should know that it’s not as awful as it’s often made out to be. I’m very well aware that some ladies have absolutely horrific experiences getting their mammogram but that doesn’t happen to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world – just remember to breathe!! – and it’s awkward as all get out but it isn’t always awful. Besides, most techs are going to want you to have the least awful experience possible so, generally, you’re going to be just fine. The important thing is to talk to your doctor about when you need to start being screened and make sure you schedule your appointments! <3 #savethetatas (and no, there are no pictures for this part. creeps.) lol

(tol #27)

10. Okay, that’s all I got. You’re welcome. Happy Thursday, my friends! Tell me something random from your week. 🙂

Many, many thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud.



  1. Marcia | 13th Oct 17

    The pumpkin patch near us is so incredibly crowded they direct traffic in and out of it. My teenager went with her friends and I was spared this year. Yeah fall is jacked this year. Our heat is on the way back. Again. Adorable pug!!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 13th Oct 17

      What?!?! That’s crazy!! I’m so glad I live down here in small town, VA. Way less people! Lol!

      I’m so over the temperatures. Running a 5k in the morning. It’s not supposed to be raining but … who knows. I’m just crossing my fingers for cool-ish weather. 🤞

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy | 13th Oct 17

    OMG cutest pug ever. I swear!

    I managed to cut my knee with a fingernail back when we were in UT. Deep enough to leave a scar. I don’t even know how I did that, but at least I was awake.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been to a corn maze! Pick pumpkins, apples, yes. If we ever went to one, I don’t have memories of it.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 13th Oct 17

      He really is just SO CUTE!!! I want to take him every time I’m over at my daughter’s. Lol

      Every time I wash my face, it bleeds. 😒 I really hope I bested whatever I was fighting in my dreams.

      I’ve never been apple picking! I would love to do that!

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