Alright you guys, I’m really getting into this “runfessions” thing.  What’s a runfession?  Well, it’s like a confession except it’s on the run. 😉  So, prepare to hear some things you might not expect.



that I broke the cardinal rule of racing. *insert shocked face here*  For my first race since surgery, the only things that were not new were my shoes, sports bra, and hat!  I ran in a totally brand spanking new running skirt and tank and, while I had worn the compression socks once before, I’d only worn the compression socks ONCE BEFORE!


Luckily, even though it rained the ENTIRE. TIME., nothing chafed. Don’t worry, I won’t wear anything new for longer distances. 😉

I runfess…

that I skipped 3 runs last week so I could sleep.

Fine.  Wine may have been involved on a night before one of those runs.



But seriously, I needed it. Literally could not drag myself out of bed.

I runfess…

that when I ran in the dark the other day, I scared this lady that was out walking when I came up behind her and said “good morning.” She jumped about 3 feet to her left and didn’t say a darn thing back to me.  However, I was lit up like a darn Christmas tree, I saw her look my way when she turned the corner (BTW, it was dark and I still saw HER), AND I was breathing so how in the heck did she not know I was there?!?!  Boo! lady. Hope you didn’t mess your drawers too badly.

Yes, I know that’s not nice. I’m sorry.  But really, if you’re going to be out walking in the dark, you should probably be a little more aware. #justsaying

I runfess…

that I am not a fan of running or working out in short sleeves.  Especially working out! I don’t know why.  I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of girl – it’s either tanks or long sleeves. There’s really no in-between for me.  That’s why they invented arm sleeves, right? So, the fact that I ran in short sleeves the other day and didn’t really feel too awful about it is ….. well, odd.


On that same note – I runfess….

that I don’t understand why races don’t make a tank option for their shirts.  I mean, you would think it would cost less!!!  There’s less material, right?  I’ve received some long sleeve tech tees from races and I love those in the winter.  But seriously, I hardly EVER wear my short sleeve race tees unless I’m out doing yard work and am trying to protect my shoulders from the sun.  Uh, but, that still doesn’t mean I’m happy about wearing the sleeves!

I runfess…

that I really, really, really, really want to buy myself a new Garmin – looking at you, oh so beautiful Fenix 5s! – but I just can’t bring myself to spend that money.  Plus, I just had to spend $750 to fix my truck (it’s paid for and I need to keep it as long as possible!) and $140 to fix a plate glass door in my house. *sigh* So, I’m back to wearing my Vivosmart HR on the daily and then, when I go run, I wear my old Garmin Forerunner as well because I’m anal like that. (Had a bad experience with the Vivosmart when I was first getting back into running. Did you know you can’t touch the screen to see pace when you’re running otherwise it shuts off? UGH!)  Anyway, I should probably strap something on my right wrist so I’m balanced because my left wrist is carrying all the weight. haha!

Okay, that’s it for this month. Aaahhh….I feel better already. 🙂


  • How do you feel about sleeves when you’re working out?
  • Have you ever run a race in anything new? How did that go for you?

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  1. Marty | 2nd Nov 17

    LOL! I’ll say good morning on behalf of the woman you startled the other morning. Good morning.

    The Fitness Bro

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 6th Nov 17

      Haha! Thanks for looking out for her. 😉

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy | 28th Oct 17

    I have that skirt, too! Don’t you love it? Course probably won’t be able to wear it much longer.

    I actually like tees. Let’s just my arms are not my best feature. I often run in a tee with a jacket over it (or if it’s just a little cool, a tank and the bolero, which I do like better than arm sleeves. Not sure I’ll ever be wearing arms sleeves again, frankly!).

    I’ve gotten a few race tanks, but they tend not to fit right (usually too tight around the hips). 🙁

    I never get the walkers who don’t hear us coming up from behind!

  3. Kimberly Hatting | 27th Oct 17

    I am so with you on the sleeves…for some reason I don’t like short sleeves (unless I also wear arm sleeves with them…which sort of defeats the whole “short” sleeve concept). That’s funny about the lady you spooked on your run in the dark LOL

  4. Wendy | 27th Oct 17

    Hey, I”m running my Sunday race in those new Mizunos! Why not? I’ve chafed in tried and true running gear in the past. So I’m going to do the opposite…

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 27th Oct 17

      You’ve had such good runs with those Mizunos!! I don’t blame you! Sometimes, you just have to buck a trend. ?

  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | 27th Oct 17

    I have a 10K on Sunday and I’m a little nervous because I recently got new shoes and they don’t feel broken in yet…plus it’s going to rain pretty bad the whole race! Ugh!

    Yeah, I actually like short sleeved shirts but the sizing from race to race is always complicated….I only have a few tanks that I wear regularly while on the run, I don’t know why!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 27th Oct 17

      UGH! Well, hopefully you’ve broken them in enough! I’m going to cross my fingers that the weatherman is wrong!

      And, I agree! Sometimes, I get a shirt that fits right and then other times I get a babydoll tee with minuscule sleeves and other times I get a shirt that is too big for me but perfect for my husband to wear! Crazy! haha

  6. Marcia | 27th Oct 17

    OMG I SO feel you on the tank thing! I’ve run a whole ONE race that gave tanks as the race shirt and I still love and wear that sucker so many years later. I too do not get the attraction of short sleeves. I can count on one hand the number of times I actually wear them. Most go to the donation pile. Yeah that lady needs to be way more alert to her surroundings. Yikes. Thanks for linking!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 27th Oct 17

      I felt bad for scaring her …. sorta. Hopefully she’ll be more aware in the future! Just because we live in a small, relatively safe town does not mean that there aren’t crazies out there. lol

      You’re so lucky to have gotten a tank!! I’m so jealous!!

  7. San | 27th Oct 17

    I wouldn’t mind tank race shirts at all… I’d assume they’d be easier to “fit” for people too (race shirts sizes are always all over the map and it’s a guess if you a size that will fit you right). I do wear short-sleeve shirts though – don’t mind them when the fit right! 😉

    I haven’t raced in new clothing, but I honestly have little problem with chafing, so I probably wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 27th Oct 17

      I generally don’t have issues with chafing either but there was this one long run where I wore a running skirt I’d run many times before and the chafing was real. Oh and it was the WORST! I guess it’s hit or miss.

      We should start a petition to race organizers to make a tank option!

  8. kookyrunner | 27th Oct 17

    I’ve often wondered the same thing about race shirts. I actually don’t think I own a sleeveless race shirt – it’s always short sleeve or long sleeve. i think races in the summer should really think about having a sleeveless option!

    I runfess that I’ve also run in new clothing on race day – never new sneakers though! I actually ran the Chicago Marathon in a new shirt – luckily I didn’t have any chafing 🙂

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 27th Oct 17

      Omigoodness, I can’t imagine wearing new shoes to run in! Yikes! And I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering about tanks!

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