Holy crap, where did November go? Wasn’t it just May?!?! Man oh man, 2018 is creepin’ hard and will seriously be here any minute. So, I better bare my soul and get these Runfessions (thanks for the link-up, Marcia!) off my chest so Santa can take me off his naughty list. 😉


I runfess that I ran an 8k this past weekend and it was WAY harder than I had expected.  There were a TON of hills. My mile splits were all over the place. I could definitely tell where the course was the hilliest! LOL  I finished in 43:04.

Also, I always thought an 8k was 5 miles so I was pretty surprised when then run wasn’t 5 miles long.  I runfess that I had to ask Google how long an 8k was and learned it’s 4.971 miles. Huh. Learn something new every day! PS. The race I ran measured, by my Garmin, 4.83 miles. So, not quite an 8k but not as far off as I had originally thought.  And, I took a picture of my Garmin afterwards but apparently took it in my Insta stories so I don’t have a saved photo. Does that mean the run didn’t happen?

November Runfessions


Also, I runfess that I didn’t stick around afterwards because it was an hour’s drive home. And honestly, the age group awards consisted of an orange draw string bag that I would likely never use. #dontjudgeme Well, I just looked at the official results and apparently I took 1st in my age group and set an age group course record! Who knew?!?!

I runfess that my training program that I’ve been following may not be the training program for me and it’s safe to say that I’m a little disappointed.  I mean, I spent $100 on it!  Granted, that’s for a year so that’s actually a pretty good deal but … let’s talk about last week.  Did Monday’s workout as prescribed, ran on Tuesday (did my own thing), and rested on Wednesday. I did Thursday’s workout as prescribed (4X800) and Friday’s workout as prescribed (5 rounds for time of 15 front squats @ 65# and 400m run. Holy OW!) and then when I got to the race on Saturday, I was dead. Like dead dead.

November Runfessions


I mean, yes, I did well but my Garmin was, and still is, not impressed.  Apparently, that 8k put me in “unproductive” status.  Plus, I’m legitimately as tired as I would be if I had run a marathon. Trust me, I know how that feels! And it was just an 8k!

I should state that I emailed the coach and asked for suggestions because I couldn’t do 6 days in a row and wanted to drop one of the CrossFit days and he responded and told me to drop a running day. Um, no. That’s very CrossFit of you, sir. I’m a runner! We don’t like to drop running days! Also, I’ve finally realized that all of our running workouts are intervals or time trials or done at specific speeds/cadences.  Not a single run for enjoyment. IDK. That just doesn’t sound fun to me. So, I already knew I had to adapt it to my situation but it’s definitely clear to me now that I can’t follow it to the letter and I can’t count on the coach – whom I’ve never met and only communicate with through the web site – to understand me as an athlete.  I think I need a little bit more personal coaching. *sigh*

I runfess that I ate more than one Paw Patrol cupcake at grandthing 1’s 2nd birthday party.

November runfessions

But, they were from scratch homemade (made by yours truly!) and that buttercream frosting is just sooooo good! Besides, birthday cupcakes are calorie free. Everyone knows that. #yolo

I runfess that sometimes I find weird things out on the road or trail when I’m out for a run. Of course I have to stop and take pictures.

November runfessions

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Tell me:

  • Have you ever run a race that was harder than you expected?
  • What’s the strangest thing you’ve found along a run?


  1. Chocolaterunsjudy | 26th Nov 17

    I wished that worked for me! But I did have my biggest PR last year when I didn’t at all expect it.

    Mostly I’m good with getting ST in, because I like how I look with more muscle (not that you can see it for the most part). But sometimes it’s definitely hard.

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy | 25th Nov 17

    The strangest thing I ever saw on a run was a machete. Which totally creeped me out. Apparently they keep them by the brush in Seattle to weed whack, so to speak.

    Great job on your race! Congrats!

    I’ve tried coaching via a website & now a personal (but not local) coach & I’m doing much better with the personal approach.

    Those cupcakes look scrumptious!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 25th Nov 17

      Oh my gosh, a machete?! Yikes! That would have freaked me out, too! 😱

      Thanks! I was so surprised to see that I took first! I just went out to run, not race. Maybe that’s the key? 🤔😂

      Yeah, I’m still weighing my options with my program right now. I want to keep some of the Crossfit workouts because I enjoy them and I know they’re beneficial. Also, if it’s not that and I don’t have a trainer in my face, I’m less likely to do a strength workout on my own. I just have to work on finding that balance.

  3. Kimberly Hatting | 24th Nov 17

    An AG award! That’s an awesome accomplishment…even for a drawstring bag LOL Yeah, that training plan sound like torture to me….I have to have my easy runs. I respect some training runs have specific purposes, but I think some runs need to be not so much “work.”

  4. Coco | 24th Nov 17

    Congrats on your AG win! I might have stayed for the prize and used the bag for good luck. 😉 It doesn’t sound like the coach is coaching for YOUR goals. I know Rachel (Running On Happy) and Holly (HoHo Runs) do coaching ….

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 25th Nov 17

      Oh he’s definitely not coaching for my goals, that’s for sure. I bought a basic program that apparently is supposed to work for everyone. Except, we’re not all the same. Hmmmm…. 🤔 Really peeved me when he responded and didn’t ask questions or try to reach out via email. Ugh.

      I didn’t think about the good luck option! Dang it! I need you to come to races with me because clearly, I can’t think after I’m done. 😂

  5. Lisa | 24th Nov 17

    Ive never done an 8k (or a 5 miler) so I think it would be a hard distance to pace! And hills can definitely make a race really challenging for me. Congrats on the AG award and course record!!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 25th Nov 17

      I used to do 8ks all the time when I was in high school! Don’t see them too much any more. It’s actually a really fun distance!

  6. Kim (@kookyrunner) | 24th Nov 17

    I ran a super hilly 5k yesterday and it took so much energy out of me! Congrats on the AG win in your race! OMG those cupcakes are super cute!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 24th Nov 17

      Those cupcakes were fun to make, too! He does love Paw Patrol. Lol. And the hilly races are always hard!

  7. Marcia | 24th Nov 17

    I think there should be far more swag than a drawstring bag for an AG course record….just saying. I feel you on the buttercream. Good buttercream is pretty much the best thing ever. Yeah that plan doesn’t sound runner friendly. 🙁 Thanks for linking!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 24th Nov 17

      The plan is supposed to be sport oriented but when the coach tells me to skip a running day, it makes me wonder. 🤔 It’s just so hard to balance CrossFit and running sometimes. And yeah, I agree about the bag. I would have stayed for a Starbucks gift card or something. ☕😂

  8. Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner | 24th Nov 17

    Great job on the AG win! I like a 8k so much better than a 5K but we don’t have too many of them around

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 24th Nov 17

      Thanks! We don’t have many 8 or 10k races around here either so I jumped on that one when I saw it! I’d rather do an 8k to a 5k any day.

  9. Wendy | 24th Nov 17

    Congrats on that AG win and course record! But I’m with you. Who needs another drawstring bag?

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer | 24th Nov 17

      Thanks! Really surprised me because I was just trying to enjoy the run and not race it. Haha

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