About me


Hi there! Welcome to Fit Nana!

I’m Jennifer, a Navy wife, mom, and nana living in a small town in beautiful Virginia.

My sailor and I have been married since February 1996 (holy cow – 20+ years!!) and he is the goof to my serious. He’ll be retiring soon and then life can REALLY begin. Haha!


We have two beautiful daughters (things 1 & 2) who have given us two gorgeous grandchildren.

grandthing 1


grandthing 2

I’m a runner, a CrossFitter, and an in general healthy person who still enjoys excellent wine, bourbon, and chocolate. Hey, life is supposed to be fun, right?


I’ve been CrossFitting for 5 years now and I absolutely love it. Muscles are awesome! I’ve learned so much about myself and have finally begun to appreciate the abilities of my body and I love it for what it can DO, not for how it looks.


I ran track and cross country back in high school but kinda took a break from running for a while afterwards. Well, back in 2008, the love affair was rekindled and I have since run 8 marathons – Philadelphia, Marine Corps (x2), Richmond, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Flying Pig in Cincinatti, and Mississippi Blues.


My sailor lovingly refers to me a “nucking futs.” haha!

My goal is to show you that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive and/or boring and that fitness can be fun, at any age! Thanks for joining me on my journey. Buckle up, keep all limbs inside the car, and enjoy the ride!